A Beginners’ Guide to Playing Video Poker

Beginner video poker players! Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Follow our step by step video poker guide and you’ll be a pro in no time.

1. Choose a reputable online or land-based casino

First things first, do your research and find a reputable casino. There are many factors that make a casino reputable. These are the most important:

⦁ Licenses – has the casino got a reputable license? it’s so important that every casino is regulated and follows a strict set of rules. This not only ensures that your money will be safe and secure but also provides fairness for gaming. Therefore, the casino needs a valid gaming license. The most established jurisdictions include Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority and Isle of Man & Gibraltar Gambling Supervision Commission. But there are many!

⦁ Customer support – the customer support of a casino is so important. You need to ensure that you have help available whenever you need it so you can enjoy your gaming experience stress-free (how it’s meant to be). If they offer a telephone, live chat and email and are available 24/7 on at least one – this is a sign of a great casino.

⦁ Safety – needless to say, you want to make sure that your money is completely safe in the hands of the casino. You should check for good safety measures to ensure that your data and money is protected. This will also make depositing and withdrawing money a smooth process. Look for the latest SSL encryption technology. All information should be available on their site. If it’s not, take our advice and choose a different casino.

⦁ Bonuses & promotions – every casino will try to entice potential customers in with their seemingly generous welcome bonus offers and promotions. Do not be fooled. Once you read the small print (wagering conditions etc) it will not anywhere need as generous as you think. Check all of the conditions of the bonuses and promotions so you can ensure that they are legit.

2. Deposit credit into the video poker machine

For online banking options, you should deposit your money using one of their payment methods. Usually, casinos will offer many popular payment methods such as Visa, bank transfers, PayPal etc. Once the money is in your wallet, you can select a poker game and deposit the cash with a click of the button. In a land-based casino, you will just need to simply insert the money into the machine or (for more modern casinos) top up your card and use your credit.

3. Make your bet

Once you’ve deposited your cash, it’s time to make a bet. You should decide beforehand how much money you willing to spend on video poker. And be prepared to lose it all! Don’t make a bet with the attitude that you’ll definitely earn back winnings, be realistic when making them.

4. Hit deal to receive your initial five-card poker hand

Once you’ve carefully selected your bet, it’s time to play! Needless to say, you would have studied the rules beforehand and have a good understanding. Reading our Our Top Video Poker Tips definitely won’t hurt either. You should hit ‘deal’ and you will automatically receive your inital five-card poker hand (let’s hope it’s a good one).

5. Discard cards you don’t deem useful (up to all five can be discarded)

Your first step should be disregarding all of the cards that you don’t think will be useful, such as the lowest cards. You should already be confident and understand what makes a good hand and be able to act accordingly. If you have a bad hand, don’t fret, bluffing will become your best friend.

6. Any winnings are paid out according to the paytable.

Once you are up and away, any winnings made will be paid to you according to the paytable. Make sure you check it beforehand so you know what winnings you can expect.

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