History of Video Poker

When was video poker invented?

Video Poker was invented in the 1970s. It was introduced by Dale Electronics, a company that was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Columbus, Nebraska, United States. In 1975, this company launched the first-ever poker machine and it was named ”Poker-Matic”. He trademarked this machine and released 7 different video poker games under it. These games included Auto-Craps, Pom Pom Gun, Burp Gun cops and robbers theme, AutoDriver, Roadracer, and Desert Hunter

Who is Si Redd?

Si Redd (William Redd), was born in 1911 in Union, Mississippi, United States and became a very important part of the history of Video Poker. Redd had a huge influence in not only the birth of poker but the evolution of it from the 1930’s – the 2000s and was a very successful businessman in the gambling world. He was nicknamed ”The Father of Video Poker” because of his incredible contributions and massive influence in the history of video poker. He devoted his life to video poker and became a multimillionaire from his hard work. Redd focused on innovation and keeping up with the times. Essentially, he is the man we can thank for the transformation from the classic three-reel machines to the video screen gambling that we can play today. A true gaming pioneer that everyone who plays video poker should know about.

Sir Redd & IGT

The leading gaming software provider IGT (International Game Technology) was actually created based around video poker. Its headquarters are currently in London, United Kingdom and it has become extremely successful with a great reputation worldwide. The gaming company was originally founded in 1975 by Redd and was named ‘Sircoma’. He later decided to change it to IGT in 1981 to rebrand itself for when they went public (the same year).
IGT introduced the first single-game video poker title, called ‘Fortune 1 Draw Poker’ and it quickly became a success. Shortly after, they created Game King multi-game which introduced the concept of video poker to the world. As you can imagine, since then they have produced many different games of video poker. The most popular include Ultimate X Bonus Streak, Hot Roll Poker and Dream Card Poker.

How has video poker evolved over the years?

Since the creation of video poker, the evolution of the game has been magnificent. In the majority of land-based casinos from all around the world, you will walk in and find a range of video poker machines to choose from. There are so many different video poker variations to suit all different types of players. And if you decide to play at an online casino, you will have access to even more options. With technology constantly updating and improving, all new games are built with the latest instalments. Each with high-quality 3D graphics, animations and sound, so you can expert an ultra-modern gaming experience.

Which gaming software providers now produce video poker?

After IGT got the video poker ball rolling, so many other successful gaming software providers jumped on the bandwagon. You will find that all of the leading and most popular providers will provide versions of video poker. Such as Real Time Gaming (RGT), Playtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Amaya Gaming, Evolution Gaming and WMS (Williams Interactive).

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