Our Top Video Poker Tips

Like all casino games, video poker is mostly down to luck. However, there are most definitely techniques that you can implement into the gameplay to give yourself the best possible chance of winning. And there are lots of ways of preparing yourself for a video poker game. Here are our top tips…

1. Learn poker odds

Learning poker odds is extremely important in your success as a video poker player. Why? because without understanding the odds, it’s extremely hard to come up with a profitable plan. Calculating the odds does involve mathematics (sorry maths haters) but it’s actually very simple. However, as gamblers know, calculators are banned at casino tables. So if you really struggle with maths, you can simply research and learn poker odds tables beforehand which will save you from working it out on the spot. It’s important because it essentially gives you an idea of whether or not you have a winning or losing hand. Which makes it much easier to plan your next move. Like everything, it will become much easier with practice.

2. Don’t jump straight into playing multiple tables

Many video poker players make the mistake of assuming they can handle multiple tables from the get-go. Confidence is great and important in all games. However, no matter how confident and knowledgeable you are in video poker, concentrate on one table at first. Only once you’ve eased yourself in and are making profits on one table video poker will it be a sensible idea to move on to multi-tabling. It takes a certain level of skill and experience to be able to play at multiple tables and make a profit. Rushing into it is a quick way to lose money. It’s that simple.

3. Only play in a good state of mind

This is SO important and we cannot state enough that playing video poker (or any casino game) in a bad state of mind is a recipe for disaster. Video poker was created for entertainment, it’s supposed to be fun and exciting regardless of the outcome. If you’re not in a good state of mind, you are less likely to take the losses well and are more likely to make poor decisions. Such as, spending more than you usually would or not fully concentrating on the game which will lead to more losses. Wait until you’re feeling yourself again and come back to it.

4. Prepare for lossess

Needless to say, we all would prefer to make some winnings when playing video poker. But if you’re not prepared for losses too, then you should not be playing. There’s one simple rule – never spend more than you can afford to lose. Our tip is to imagine losing all the money you came with. How do you feel? if this makes you feel anxious, angry or frustrated, do NOT play!

5. Look for video poker machines with progressive payouts

The video poker machines that offer progressive payouts typically reduce the house edge. This means you are more likely to increase your profits. Cha-ching! And the feeling of winning a progressive payout will be a great one, that’s for sure.

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